The Beyehlab Members

Principal Investigator



Dr. Ngong Kodiah Beyeh
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan USA
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Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Yvonne Bessem
PhD,  Atlantic Intl U, USA, (2019)                                                                                                              Executive MBA, Quantic School of Bus Admin, Washington DC, (2020)

Doctoral Students



Kwaku Twum
Pharmacy, KNUST, 2014
M.Phil Pharmaceutical Chemistry, KNUST,  2017
PhD in Chemistry, Oakland University, expected 2023.
Research: Receptor-substrate ensembles in aqueous environments

Frank Boateng Osei-1



Frank Boateng Osei
PhD in Chemistry, Oakland University, expected 2026.
Research: Synthetic and structural supramolecular chemistry

Master Students




Nicholas Schileru
MSc. in Chemistry, expected graduation 2022.
Research: Designing receptors and sensors for pharmaceutical N-oxides

Undergraduate Researchers

Mariana Fatohi


Mariana Fatohi
B.A. in Biology, Expected graduation 2021
Research: Supramolecular receptors for drug solubilization and soft biomaterials 

Audrey Franklin





Audrey Franklin
CDS-Preprofessional, Expected graduation 2022                     Research: Supramlecular synthesis of hybrid soft materials






Anna Karle
B.S. in Biomedical Sciences, Expected graduation 2022
Research: Kynurenic acid functional receptor synthesis

Sruthi Surapaneni-01





Sruthi Surapaneni                                                                           

Post-Bacc in Pre-Med, Expected graduation 2022
Research: Macrocyclic dispersants against crude oil aggregation

Amanda Surur



Amanda Surur
B.S. in Biomedical Science, Expected graduation 2022
Research: Petroleum Asphaltene De-aggregation


Jordan Feder, MSc (Industry, Dallas Area)
Bianca Elias, BSc (Oakland University)
Anthony Cholaugh, BSc (OUWB Medical School)
Maya Jaradi, BSc (OUWB Medical School)
Elan Pszenica, BSc (OUWB Medical School)
Cory Martin, BSc (Industry, Michigan)
Alexander Ivory, BSc (Oakland University)
Leena Yaqoo, BSc (Oakland University)
Sarah Bdeir, BSc (Oakland University)
Alise Haddad, BSc (Medical School)
Paul Kozlowski, BSc (Oakland University)
Rand Aqrawi, BSc (Oakland University)
Noorhan Sabbagh, BSc (Oakland University)