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Welcome to the Beyeh Group home page. We mainly focus on structural, synthetic, supramolecular chemistry, and (bio)material science. We are particularly interested in utilizing weak interactions in the construction of complex systems and their potential practical applications in material science and biotechnology. Current research focus includes (i) receptor-substrate ensembles in aqueous environments, (ii) halogen bonding in supramolecular and macromolecular systems, and (iii) receptor chemistry in bio-based systems and materials science. All projects sit at the interface of chemistry, polymer science, materials science, and biology. Please visit the Research Page of this web site for more information on what we do.

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September, 2019
Fall semester begins, the start of many new projects and learning!

May, 2019
Summer research officially begins! Welcome Maya, Cory, Elan, Bianca and Anthony. 😀

January, 2019
Jordan Feder joins the Beyeh Lab as a masters student specializing in organic synthesis.  Welcome Jordan!

October 2018
Nicholas Schileru joins the Beyeh Lab as a masters student focusing on biomaterial science. Welcome Nicholas!

September, 2018
MSc. Kwaku Twum joins the Beyeh Lab as a PhD student. Welcome Kwaku!

August, 2018
Dr Beyeh joins the department of chemistry at Oakland University as an assistant professor

August, 2018
Dr Beyeh’s paper “Crystalline Cyclophane–Protein Cage Frameworks” has been accepted by ACS Nano (link).

August, 2018
Dr Beyeh’s paper “A supramolecular host–guest complex for heparin binding and sensing” has been accepted by Nanoscale (link).

August, 2018
Dr Beyeh’s paper “Host–guest complexes of conformationally flexible C-hexyl-2-bromoresorcinarene and aromatic N-oxides: solid-state, solution and computational studies” has been accepted by Beilstein J. Org. Chem. (link).