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Supramolecular Materials

Welcome to the Beyeh Group home page. Our research focuses on structural, synthetic, supramolecular chemistry, and (bio)material science. We are particularly interested in utilizing weak interactions in the construction of complex systems and their potential practical applications in material science and biotechnology. Current research focus includes (i) designing organic macrocycles as receptors and sensors for biological analytes, (ii) halogen bonding in supramolecular and macromolecular materials, and (iii) receptor chemistry in bio-based systems and materials science. All projects sit at the interface of chemistry, polymer science, materials science, and biology. Please visit the Research Page of this website for more information on what we do.

Group News:

April 2023: The Beyehlab celebrates the graduation of three members.

  • Congrats to Dr. Kwaku Twum, the first doctorate from the Beyehlab at Oakland University.
  • Congrats to Lara Dhayni for completing an MSc with the Beyehlab
  • Congrats to Zachary Christodulu for completing an Honors Thesis with the Beyehlab.

April 2023: Dr. Beyeh’s paper “Repurposing host-guest chemistry to sequester virulence and eradicate biofilms in multidrug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Acinetobacter baumannii” is published in Nature Communications. Highly Collaborative work between USA, Finland & Canada.

January 2023: Dr. Kwaku, Frank and Dr. Bessem’s paper “The “nitrogen effect”: Complexation with macrocycles potentiates fused heterocycles to form halogen bonds in competitive solvents” is published in Chemistry, An Asian Journal. Congrats!

January 2023: Congratulations to Kwaku Twum for successfully defending his doctorate, the first from the Beyeh lab. Congrats!

January 2023: Dr. Beyeh’s paper “Resorcinarene cages: a new class of potential 129Xe biosensors with unique chemical shift and exchange dynamics” is published in Cell Reports Physical Science.

December 2022: Congratulations to Nicholas Schileru for defending his thesis and graduating with his MSc. while in Med School. Congrats!

Summer 2022: Congratulations to Kwaku Twum for the recognition as one of the 2022 Merck Research Award for “Underrepresented Chemists of Color” Congrats!

June 2022: Join us at CERM 2022, ACS Central Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society


April 2022: Congratulations to Anna Karle for the recognition as “the most outstanding senior undergraduate organic chemistry student” by the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry!

February 2022: Our paper on the simultaneous uptake of organic and inorganic pollutants by a cyclophane-Protein cage framework is published Chemistry, A European Journal, and is selected for cover art. Congrats to our collaborators at Aalto University, Finland.

January 2022: Our paper on the high-affinity binding of pyrophosphate in water is published in Organic Chemistry Frontiers. Congrats to the team of students and collaborators.

November 2021: Congratulations to Kwaku on receiving an OU Provost Graduate Research Award!

November 2021: We are honored and excited to receive an ACS PRF DNI award from the American Chemical Society that will support our research for the next two years

October 2021: Our paper on Crystallin de-aggregation is published in RSC MedChem and is selected for cover art. Congrats to the team of students and collaborators.

August 2021: Dr. Beyeh is nominated as one of 2021 Emerging Investigators in ACS Crystal Growth & Design

April 2021: Jordan Feder graduates with an MSc. in Chemistry. Congratulations Jordan.

April 2020: Dr. Beyeh graduates from the Oakland University PI Academy.

March 2020: Dr. Beyeh receives an OU 2020 Inspiration Award. Nominated by Lauren Barbarich. Thank you, Lauren.

September 2019: Fall semester begins, the start of many new projects and learning!

May 2019: Summer research officially begins! Welcome Maya, Cory, Elan, Bianca, and Anthony. 

January 2019: Jordan Feder joins the Beyeh Lab as a Master’s student specializing in organic synthesis.  Welcome, Jordan!

October 2018: Nicholas Schileru joins the Beyeh Lab as a Master’s student focusing on biomaterial science. Welcome, Nicholas!

September 2018: MSc. Kwaku Twum joins the Beyeh Lab as a Ph.D. student. Welcome, Kwaku!

August 2018: Dr Beyeh’s paper “Crystalline Cyclophane–Protein Cage Frameworks” has been accepted by ACS Nano (link).

August 2018: Dr Beyeh’s paper “A supramolecular host-guest complex for heparin binding and sensing” has been accepted by Nanoscale (link).

August 2018: Dr Beyeh’s paper “Host–guest complexes of conformationally flexible C-hexyl-2-bromoresorcinarene and aromatic N-oxides: solid-state, solution and computational studies” has been accepted by Beilstein J. Org. Chem. (link).

August 2018: Dr Beyeh joins the department of chemistry at Oakland University as an assistant professor